How do I know whether or not it's a date?

What are some tell-tale signs that its a "date" as opposed to "hanging out"? Besides the guy paying...

Ok, what if the person has some facial hair, and before you see them, he's shaved? Is that a sign? Weird question, I know. Lol! Thanks for answering, guys!


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  • physical contact. I don't mean sexual...though that would be a sure sign...LOL...but lots of touching of the hands or hair...nervously looking around, unable to maintain too long of eye contact. Lots of flattery and attention to detail.

  • so if a guy pays it's a date? what if the girl pays? lol

    Umm.. I think anytime you guys plan to go out, just the two of you.. then it could be considered a date.

    • If each person pays their own way it could or could not be a date but if one person pays for both then it's most likely a date.

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    • What if you both take turns paying and it is always just the two of you. You both do not have mutual friends. The guy is attracted to the girl, is that a date?

    • Yea.. I'd say so

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