What can I do about a secret relationship?

I am seeing my exs friend and we really like each other. But if my ex ever knew it would be a huge problem, we all three live together as friends and they both work together (it just sort of grew from the time spent). If my ex knew he would be really petty about everything and though I know would care would make its a nightmare just because he can. My guy would have to move jobs and we'll I'm sure living together would be rough if not voided. We have to sneak around everything and I know my ex knows ( he looks at us oddly and makes comments all the time) but still we sneak till we can figure this all out. I'm sick of hiding and not being able for us to be intimate! We are adults. Anyway what are some god rules to set or advice on how to make it work or possibly be open about it? I need help I know it's not wise but we really like one another and it's just a prefect fit with us; you know? I don't want to give up a chance at something that could be worth more than a number.


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  • Well I've never lived with an ex and a current. But honesty is the best policy. Why not just tell him that y'all really enjoy each others company? If he makes a big deal about it, two out numbers three. Kick him out, look for a replacement. Don't pass this up if y'all both feel y'all are for each other. If he's a good friend he'll be happy for you two.


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