What would you do if you are in my place?

I starting talking to a guy for almost a month he was kinda mysterious he hide his family name at first I don't why but I got to know his family name later on because I discover that he has two fb account each one is different than the other he said one for family and one for friends.. He starting wanting me to show some feeling for him but I was acting normal because I haven't seen him yet!! And when I asked the last time we spoke he said he can't get out today and then he start to act weirdly and didn't talk so I end it up!! Few days before I end it I notice on his profile an old friend of me it was seems like she knows a lot about him if he is in a meeting she reply to his friends about him.. So I searched a little bit and notice that he used talk with us like in the same time I don't know who is first but now for sure they are talking together.

The girl I haven't seen her since 10 years maybe I don't have her on facebook.. As much as I know she used to be good kind girl and we were friends but then her family moved away and all the communication between us has been cut off..

So do you think I should tell her about him or leave it as its


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  • As you have probably heard the old expression: "Let sleeping dogs lie." And the way you say 'he start to act weirdly,' I think you should let This little doggie lie too.
    He's too secretive for me, not someone I can trust. Who knows what Other secrets he is keeping. And to me this is not even a friend but a---Fair weather friend.
    Stay casual, just FB, nothing else. And you can always push the button for "Delete' or even "Block' if he rains on your parade.
    Good luck. xx


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  • seems shady. I mean if you wanna keep it quiet its more power to you. but if you feel like there's an issue, I would speak


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