How do I get my ex back after I ruined things the first time?

I dated this guy named Josh 4 years ago and I totally messed it up. I was clingy and really overprotective. Currently I am trying to get him back. I've changed a lot and learned to give people freedom because not everybody is going to hurt me. We are hanging out in a couple of days and I want to impress him. How do I get him to ask me out again? Or at least start a flirtationship? Any help would be great! Thanks


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  • Learn from your Past mistakes and start out fresh-----Not Flirtationship. You want to show him you are different, that you've changed. You don't want him to grow Cold duck feet and wander Quickly back into the murky waters for another '4 years.'
    Be friendly, be yourself. He will be pleasantly surprised at your easy going manner and carefree self. This time around, be the apple at the top of the tree hardest for Josh to get. Let him do the chasing. Guys love this.
    And I always tell everyone the best way to begin your beguine in Any relationship, even if it is to start anew is, friendship. You both need to get to know one another again, and nurture and nurse This. And if it is meant for Old Mother Nature to sow the seeds you wish to reap, it will happen.
    Good luck. xx

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    • I for one hating chasing if that chasing goes on for too long. I've spent too long chasing girls and it feels nice when a girl chases you a little bit.

    • Yes, I agree... Some guys, not yourself perhaps, like to chase but when they conquer, they change... or lose interest in No chase now... xx

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  • Just be your awesome self and dont try too hard


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