Is Backing off for a while the best way to find out if they actually really cared?

They say if A person actually cares they will look for you, take the time to text call. they will notice/miss you But if they don't, than they won't even bother or maybe not even noticed you.


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  • In physics, something called an 'observer affect' is known. It is that by measuring one thing, you change it. For instance, you can check your tire pressure with a pressure guage, but doing so lets some air out, changing the pressure.

    Backing off for a while tells you how much they actually cared... but also makes them care less going forward.

    • I really like your point. Could you please expand?

      So you say that by just putting distance in between both sides care less? Girls have put distance with me before, and I've noticed.

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  • I do agree whth the question but your details not so much.

    If you do that then that's a sign that you're not into them or don't care.

    But have you heard the term, " Let him/her go if it's meant to be then it will be."?

    That's what I agree with like let's say for instance you really love this girl but you know she's in love whith someone else.

    Backing off will show just how much you truly love her for giving up your happiness so she can have hers.

    • Agree with you opinion, but in this case I mean a a person is talking to another person and one gives more interest than the other or mutual interest but are not really getting anywhere with the relationship, if one gets tired and decides to give up. Would the other person notice or do something to fix it if they really cared? Would you?

    • Oh yes if they were slacking and actually did have feelings for the person they'd try to repair it.

  • backing off to see if they like you doesn't work... it only shows you they miss your attention.

    if they like you, then you won't have to play games to get their attention.

    if someone is ignoring me and i have done nothing to elicit this behavior, i back off for good.

    • Very interesting. But what if they contact you? How would you react how can you know they only missed the attention? I've done that to girls I really liked because I was putting in more effort than she was. So I gave up than she pursued me, why?

    • well i try not to jump to conclisions. but i also wouldn't go out of my way to ignore someone. though i can see just forgetting about trying bc it isn't seeming to be appreciated.

      but say i stop talking naturally, bc its wasting time and pointless... and then they contact me. ill spend time with them, see how things go. if they pull the same thing ill move on.

      if they seem to be interested , and consistent, ill j continue getting to know then, and just assume they were in a bad space before and let it go. ;-)

  • It depends. If you randomly go cold on a girl she might think you just aren't interested.
    If you're talking about friends, they might be worried they are bothering you.

    • What if you've been dating for a few month but are in a friends only stage, would you stick around? If if you did why? If you wouldn't why? If some one you dated as friends did that to you how would you feel?

    • How do you date as friends

  • I agree, and when someone ignores me, or takes too long to respond, etc. I back off.


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