Why does my friend act this way?

I have a friend. I met him while he went to law school. He called me every night to talk but always told me not to get a crush on him. He was always upfront with me I was a bit of a confidant. And he got a girlfriend. I knew more of certain things then she did because her bf my friend told me. But he is the chest game sort of guy I think. I've driven him to hell and back and he always forgives me every month. Just as a aquantacis. But he also plays games. When we first started talking he always acted completely idealistic and pure but I think that at that point I needed it. The thing is is that he might be doing it again. He called me a friend and said that he would like to get lunch but he might be in India. I needed to talk to him but he asked if we can talk after chag it's a Jewish holiday lasting a week. Then when I catch him to talk finally to talk to him. He says he is going to Israel for a week and doesn't think we can we hang before then. It's like I drive him to the edge and I guess he feels it but as soon as he thinks I'm officially gone he finds a way to pull me back in. What's going on with him? There is not a lot I have to live up to him btw. But I'm still confused


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  • You two are in a pissing contest trying to show the other who is in control of your relationship. You should be able to give freely and he should give freely. Anything short of that is relationally malignant in nature.


    Divine Wisdom dictates there are three kinds of relationships. The first is inhabited by two takers, short lived at best. When one or the other is done taking it is over. The second relationship is inhabited by a taker an a giver. It can go on for a very long time. The taker will take as long as the giver can give. The giver needs to be given to or they will eventually be sucked dry. This relationship is doomed to failure due to the fact it is unequally balanced. The last relationship is inhabited by two givers, HEAVEN on earth. Two people trying to out give each other. If you are not in a relationship that consists of two givers then I suggest you keep looking for the right relationship, it will save you a bunch of heart ache...


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  • He probably is just unsure about his feelings right now. It happens, and if you're good friends (or even more) you might just need to talk to him about it. Instead of asking us, ask him. They are his feelings anyway!
    But if you feel like it's definitely too much for you to deal with, take some space away from him. You have to consider your own feelings to. Good luck :)

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