Do you expect or want your gf to pay for more things if she makes more money then you?

Right now my bf and I take turns paying for things. But I get the feeling that he expects me to pay for almost everything because I make more then he does. We both make a decent living so it's not like our salary is minimum wage and we're struggling to make ends meet.

My question is do you expect the girl to pay for more things if she makes more? Is it fair for the girl to pay for more? What do you think?


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  • Money is something that can eat at a relationship if not talked about. Ideally you want a balance, he pays for certain things while you get others. You can do that and account for whoever has slightly better pay without it seeming like he is being paid for.

    I've been in the role of less money and it doesn't feel nice even if they shower you with gifts, it creates an imbalance of power too. I've also been in the role of more money by a little bit and it is hard to not feel obliged to chip in more than needed.

    Unless you both wish for an arrangement where one of you is more in control you need to discuss what feels fair. You split bills by one pays for one and the other pays for the other, who ever gets more takes the bigger choice but all responsibility is halved still. You also need to be mindful not to spend on yourself too much as to make them wish they could do that.


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  • Yeah I think it's fair. If you are both doing the best you can at the time and the girl happens to make more money than the guy.. I think she should pay more often.. It's only fair. Money is just money, it means nothing really... should not be over thought haha.

    • Money means nothing? You sure about that lol?

    • Yes. I am 100% sure of that/

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  • It should always be a mutual agreement both partners in
    a relationship when it pertains to paying bills etc.

    • Right but that didn't really answer my question lol

    • You want me to say because you make more money you should pay everything
      nope that should not be the case, you need tell him no it needs to be mutual thing

  • I would not. If you both live within or below your means, everything should be equal and without compromise to other.

  • N9, I believe that the man is the one who is supposed to support the female do in that sense I believe that if the female makes more then the man then the man should either get more hours or a second job so the woman can relax more and let the man do what he is supposed to do

  • Is it fair? What's fair? Everybody has a different perspective as to what fair is. But in my opinion it should be negotiated. Talk about it without being a bitch. Otherwise, your just assuming his thoughts and assumptions, as we all know, can be false.
    Also, in our society where many women pursue equal everything; yeah it is fair to expect a woman to step up and pay up if she's bringing home more $. And what would you expect him to do if he made more money than you? That answer is the answer to your?

    • My question was just asking for an opinion. Why are you being so bitter about it? Never mind don't answer that. I wouldn't want to read another dick answer from you

    • How was my answer being a dick? All I'm saying is be polite when discussing it with him and to ask yourself what your expectations would be for him if he brought in more $ than you? Everybody's perception of fair is different. I was just pointing that out as well.

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