How can I please a woman who I think is starting to distance herself away from me?

Well, there's this girl (15) who i (16) love. she loved me at the start of the relationship but has recently been talking to me less and less via text message and Facebook.
So what should I do to make her fall for me again?


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  • 1st off, you need to find out why she is distancing herself from you. once you figure that out, try to comfort her and show that you support her, but also refrain from doing whatever you might have done to make her distance herself from you. show her that she can trust you :)

    • She's just doesn't want to talk to , e but go out with me at the same time.

    • She wants to date me but no talk? *

    • if she doesn't ant to talk to you, I suggest calling it off for a while. give her space. when she is ready, she'll contact you, but right now, she doesn't seem like she wants to be in a relationship :)

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