Girls, do you think she likes me and would give me a chance or should I wait before asking her out?

there's this girl at my church that I am basically in love with, she's got beautiful blonde straight hair, pretty eyes, she plays the drums, she's so polite and kind hearted for such a pretty girl, and the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen! well anyways she works at gamestop so i run into her a lot there and at church and we talk a lot (im pretty much like the only guy she talks to) and she's always smiling when she's around me and always laughs at my jokes and she has texted me a few times (ive never texted her because im really shy) and I believe she's the same way but one night we texted each other til 2 am and it was so nice. I wanna ask her out but the thing is she's got a car, she's smart, and to me she's out of my league even tho she has never had a boyfriend. I work part time at Zaxby's and I don't even have a car yet and I barely make enough money to do anything, do you think I should wait til I get a better job and a car or just go for it? what would you think of a guy like me? (btw im 19 she's 23)

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  • Wait, you need a car and better job
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  • Go for it! It sounds like she likes you and if she does she will be waiting for you to ask her out. She won't wait around forever man, now is your chance.

    • I think so too, she seems a little cold lately and I wanna just do it and get it over with! haha im just really shy! xD

    • I understand that :)
      However if you don't ask, you won't get and you will never know her answer.

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  • I'm gonna say go for it. You seem pretty cool and if she likes you she won't care about things like a car. And age difference doesn't matter, I'm 22, but I've always seem to crush on guys that are either a few years older or younger than me. I probably should stop being so shy and this guy I like out too. He works at the one of local Gamestops and silly me is all shy to ask him out. If you have the courage to do it then, I know I can do it as well.

    If only anime didn't make the whole love confession thing such a big deal I wouldn't be so shy and I have more confidence.

    • thanks Serenity! I think I have a chance and if she says no then it isn't really the end of the world lol I just don't want to make things awkward that's all and also you're a really cool person so I think you should go for it, if he says no then he's dumb lol :D

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    • I think you definitely have a chance seeing as how he basically gave you his number and it's funny how both people we're crushing on work at gamestop haha! the girl I like loves kingdom hearts which is great since im a huge final fantasy and KH fan and we usually talk about that kinda stuff tho I don't know how she feels about anime, I will visit more often tho I just had a busy day today and tomorrow I have work which sucks but this weekend im free so ill have a look at the forum! :D

    • He's like you can call me at work. That's totally a husband wife thing if you ask me. Lol I think it's cute. Though I should've worn my Usagi and Mamoru t-shirt instead the one with just Moon on it. I never played KH but I know people that like it. As for anime mention Sailor Moon and Pokemon. Everyone has heard of Sailor Moon and Pokemon. I messaged you on here, so we can talk about anime and stuff. I need to watch more, but I've been lazy. :P And post an intro in the evageeks forum, they're really nice there too. :D I've been trying to get over being sick and but the sniffles keep coming back. :(

  • go for it or you'll regret it later. just ask her out and be like hey do you want to go grab a coffee sometime? or something like that. dont worry about whether she has a car or not, i mean that should be at the bottom of your worry list

    • yeah you're right I mean star bucks is like right down the street from where we both work (i work at zaxbys and she works at gamestop) so we're like right across the street from each other lol but thanks for the advice!

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    • nah, dont worry about that. if you like someone go for it. i mean, you'd much rather know whether she's interested or not sooner than later, so you can move on right? so yeah go for it! goodluck, hope you get her :)

    • thank you! I hope I get her too! :)

  • Ask her out! She doesn't care about the car. This is only your concern.

    • you're right! I should just go for it, if she says no then well Ill just cry xD

    • How sweet. If she says no now, she'd probably say no after you got a car and a better job. However her answer is, you get to stop your actual pain.

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