About to try to have a phone conversation with girl I'm having some issues with, how to go about it?

any suggestions? I'm going to try and write down what I want to say in advance. not even sure the # I have for her works either as I had tried to text her but didn't go through however I do think its her number still. she might of blocked my texts as she got annoyed with me a couple weeks ago.

but I'm not sure how to go about things as I already tried to talk to her once in person but she was busy and said it was a bad time but I'm just so annoyed with her I feel a need to try and deal with things somehow and maybe talking to her over the phone an option


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  • This might not be the thing you want to hear right now but: Dude, if she's blocking you then that should be a sign to back off... if she's ignoring your texts its kinda obvious that she doesn't want to talk to you... She just needs some space and you are not giving it to her. Usually when a girl does this, you should just move on. However, maybe if you give her the space that she wants, there might be a possibility that she will talk to you again. Anyways, hope everything goes well! Good luck!

    • yeah I didn't end up trying to call her last night , I have still talked to her in person as recently as last weekend , she doesn't seem to be avoiding me in person but making it next to impossible to hear from her rest of time , I agree she might need space

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