Girls, do you think it's good enough if I wear a blue plaid dress shirt with a red plaid scarf and black jeans for the date?

Do you think a blue plaid dress shirt with a red plaid scarf and black jeans is good for a date, or should I just wear a black tshirt with a thin red plaid scarf? Which one do you think is better and more casual?

  • Blue plaid dress shirt with thin red plaid scarf and black jeans
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  • Tshirt with red plaid thin scarf and black jeans
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Also, I recently got a haircut just to look nice.
Thanks guys! I guess the dress shirt is too much for a casual date.


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  • ... a scarf?
    I'd say no, especially since its red with blue. The way I'm picturing it doesn't look right lol

  • I need photos - those words can mean a million different things - show me a photo!!!

  • Too much plaid is a fashion NO NO. Go for B: Tshirt, red plaid scarf, black jeans

  • First choice has way too much going on, keep it simple. If you wear a plaid dress shirt just wear that and jeans, no scarf needed.

    • But would it be better to just wear a dress shirt and black jeans? So the scarf shouldn't matter too much, right?

  • I wouldn't wear plaid with more plaid.


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