Are we going to fast? Am I making the right decision?

Basically there's this girl i've been talking to for about 2 months or so but then i stopped talking to her due to the fact that my friend also liked her and that just causes drama and i didn't want that so we stopped talking. Then a month ago we started talking again because my friend was over her but of course he wasn't and drama started and he stopped talking to her and so did i. then three days ago she texts me that she misses me and wants to go on a date and what not and i agreed and i do miss her also. do you think i am making the right decision to go on this date even after what happened and especially so soon. please help


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  • Do what you wanna do, dude. A true friend won't stress over it, so if you really wanna go on a date with this girl, do it! You don't wanna lose the chance while you have it, man. Your life could go in complete different directions depending on what you choose. Don't follow your heart, follow your mind. Good luck!


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  • Man, if your friend gets like that talk to him about it