How do you ask a guy out when you can't do it in person?

There's a guy that I really want to go on a second date with. Sadly, I don't have his phone number and I won't see him in person until school starts again. I feel really awkward asking him out over Facebook (though that's what he did for our first date). What do I do? I've never asked a guy out before.


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  • you have to contact him any way thats currently possible, and dont feel awkward about asking a guy out, a guy wants a girl whos forward and knows what she wants, that "awkward stuff" and the worrying about seeming desperate etc gots to go out the window asap cause guys hate when girls act innocent and worry about such things, girls gotta learn to make moves and not be always expecting the guy to do everything, cause it doesn't work that way


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  • If he asked you out on a first date but didn't ask you out on a second date that probably means he's not interested... sorry to be the bearer of bad news... how long has it been since the first date?

  • I think its fine to ask via facebook.


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