I asked how her summer went.

and she said

"My summer has been pretty good. just working and hanging out with some friends. I can't believe that we are half way through summer it always goes by to quickly. How about you hows your summer going?"

i know what to write, but I need something to add to add on to the conversation to make more dialogue. HELP PLEASE

UPDATE: ok so I said you know that things are good whatever,.. and indicated that I want to travel somewhere fun to a city nearby to do some fun outdoor activities.. I guess I'm planning to invite her maybe lol but I don't drive, she does
and either way I might take the bus there. for like rafting, or rock climbing.. somehting simple and fun outdoorsy stuff


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  • " yeah we should hang out before the summer ends"

    • Ive known her for 2 years and we both had busy/messed up schedules and never had time to hang out... on top of that, we don't talk that much to each other and when we do, I am usually the one starting the conversation. would it be weird for a guy you don't really hang with or talk to to ask that to a girl?

    • Ok so I didn't say this so.. I'm improvising instead lol which is probably dumb of me. :(

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  • too keep the conversation going, avoid yes/no questions. ask her open ended questions that force her to explain her experiences or opinions.

    an example: don't ask, "did you like the movie?" That's a one word answer: yes or no. Instead, ask "what was your favorite part of the movie, and why?" this forces her to talk a bit more about her opinion

    • I know this.

      im asking for IDEAS