Should I just keep being his friend?

Guys dont like any drama right?
I dated a guy and things were amazing but he began to pull away after things got stronger.
Well he got out of a relationship last year, they dated for 6 years and his ex has a bf and is pregnant, and i asked him why he was being so weird and he said he wasn't looking for anything serious at the moment because he didn't have the time for it.
We are still friends, but yes i got mad and sad but i decided to not be a drama queen and just smile and say i understand.

Is the best thing to be happy and show him im doing good and be his friend? because he said he liked me and we had a great connection and chemistry and he said im cool.. ye the cool part annoys me.


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  • Honestly, it sounds to me like he likes you alil still but doesn't really want to come out and say it, maybe cuz he doesn't know if u feel the same, maybe he just doesn't want it to turn out like the last time u two went out? idk... either way, I think he might still like you

    • but i do know he is super busy, with work and maybe moving because he applied for school for his masters, and he has a lot going on and maybe he isn't over his ex

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    • it is true though i know.. he doesn't want to get involved and hurt me or himself when he has other important things he needs to focus on

    • yea:/ sorry:(

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  • He just needs his own time, that happens adter such a long relationship, the heart is still sensitive, and even he likes you he is going to be very cautious.
    DonĀ“t try to rush or pressure him, just enjoy the friendship and in time he will open more and you can make your moves.


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  • Although he doesn't want to be in a Real Relationship at this time, for it sounds as though he has gotten burnt from the past, And wants you in his life, if Even for 'Friends,' at least at This point and time, don't show him you're a bad sport... Especially if you are Willing to be his friend. Go with the flow. He is telling you all of these things that just Might be for something Much better down the road.
    If you have this 'Attitude,' believe me, he will pick up on it, and everything Now that he is Feeling for you, will Sizzle itself away.
    Foir now, nurse and nurture what you have, and see what happens in the future. I wouldn't suggest a 'friends with benefits' factor, but it's your choice. However, More of His "chase' if you Didn't right now.
    And if you Do feel somewhere, sometime that things are going nowhere, you can always tell him you think it's best to move on, that you're looking for more------Connection and chemistry.
    Good luck. xx

    • we havnt talked since April but i have him on fcb and i "like" some of his events and he does mine to but im just gonna be a good sport and dont show im mad or sad and bitter and just live my life and focus on me

    • Good, smart cookie, sweetie... xx