Recently I changed my hair color from bleach blonde to brunette with a few blonde highlights and my boyfriend text me this.. why?

I've had my hair brunette last year for awhile then I went back to blonde this spring. I just started dating this guy back in March. He kept saying he likes my hair better as brunette but thinks either way looks nice on me.

I just changed my hair brunette last week with some blonde highlights but overall I look brunette. Anyways, early this morning he text me:

Him: "So.. just heard on the radio that brunettes are considered to be the hottest.. little fun fact I thought I'd share lol ;-)"

Me: "Oh really? So what exactly are you trying to say?" Haha

Him: "Nothing just an interesting fact I thought you would enjoy :-)"

Me: "Lol well my hair is brunette I think it would be considered now. The sun keeps fading it. At least you don't have to worry about hair color since you're a guy"

Him: "I didn't say anything about your hair color, I'd be fine with whatever."

Me: "Well I like the color it is now. It's a good mix for summer so it's staying like this until fall then i'll reevaluate :-) lol

Him: "Haha I like it"

Ok so what on earth was the purpose of him texting me what he did? Guys are so confusing. Why not a simple good morning beautiful instead? lol


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  • he obviously likes your brunette hair... the fun radio fact is cute. Don't read that much into it... since you have brunette hair now he basically complemented you with that text so he likes it ^_^ very much

    oh yea and for the record guys aren't complicated in any way.

    • we just make things harder for ourselves... which complicates things... but other than that we are quiet simple i assure you

    • Well regardless it made me smile because he thought about me and text me about it. I didn't know guys got that excited about hair color lol

    • yea especially it it suits them and brings out their face and eyes ^^

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  • I think he heard something on the radio that reminded him of you, so he used it as a conversation starter. That conversation is completely fine & has no confusing parts in it.

    • True. I just didn't know where he was going with it. Oh well I guess as I said below at least it made him think of me this morning early if nothing else.

  • He was probably trying to be kinky.

    • Lol well regardless I guess at least he thought of me to text me early at 6:30 A. M.

    • Yeah, hey that's always a good thing!

  • He likes your hair, that's it, and it was a compliment. Your response wasn't the best, you didn't even flirt back or anything, be more fun :)

    • Well what could I have said to flirt back? Just curious so in the future I know what direction to go if something like this ever comes up again. Later in the conversation I said "Well this fact must have came about after I got my hair done ;)" I'm not sure how to flirt really when it comes to this sort of thing. We sometimes send sexy pics to each other randomly so I thought about sending him one tomorrow morning as a surprise since he won't be expecting it.

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