Still miss him/thinking of him two months later. How much longer before I'm over him?

My best friend and I stopped talking 2 months ago. I still miss him so much and think about him everyday. We can't talk because things got too weird. He has a fiance but kept on chasing me our entire friendship, telling me how pretty I am, how amazing I am, how he's jealous of whoever will date me. After him talking to me like this for so long I started to like him back. Then we had this back and forth of me trying to distance myself from him, in respect of his relationship, but then him realizing I'm distancing myself and then chasing me. He got to the point where he'd text me as soon as he wakes up and we talk all day until one of us falls asleep.

I couldn't take it anymore especially after he proposed to his girlfriend. Before he proposed to her I told him how I felt about him, that I'm attracted to him and I like him romantically, but then he said he doesn't see me that way. Then I felt like an idiot for telling him how I felt and distanced myself again, but then he started calling me non-stop again and won't let me move on.

I eventually got really mad at him and told him to stop contacting me and that we can't be friends anymore. He tried to talk to me afterwards, but I reminded him that I can't do this anymore. Then he got mad and blocked and deleted me from FB and Instagram.

Why am I still missing him 2 months later? I'm probably just used to talking to him everyday, but doesn't it take 15 days to break a habit? I met other guys, but that isn't helping either...


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  • Well, honestly every person takes their time to heal. My last relationship ended in December, and it wasn't until four months later that I started feeling a lot better! The funny thing is a month or two before him I dated someone that took me a couple weeks to get over. Both guys I dated about the same amount and time, but my feelings for them and our relationship was different. This is only about a couple guys I dated, but I promise friends are much more difficult to get over.
    I had a friend in high school I dated briefly and even though I didn't feel that way for him it was still extremely hard! My advice to you is that getting over him won't be as easy as you think. There isn't such a thing as replacing him with someone new. When it comes to people we care about, us girls always leave room in our hearts for them. Personally, I think this guy shows great immaturity misleading you if he wasn't interested and continuing to once he found out your feelings. You are so much more than a guys fun way to pass time when he isn't with or talking to his fiancé!
    Seeing that you distanced yourself, I assume you know you are worth more than a guys friendship who treats you a little more than a friend and that's good! The more you cling to your worth the easier it will become getting over him, so remember you are worth someone who only wants you! If I had to guess, I would say you miss the way he made you feel special even if you didn't agree with his approach. He knew you more personably than these other guys you've met recently, so you probably still harbor feelings. Just don't become too discouraged by the feelings you once had, there will be guy who will see you're worth and want to be more than a close friend!
    Keep the smile you have and don't worry! Take as much time as you need to heal, but also enjoy being single! It might be awhile before you have truly moved on and that's normal. Give it a few more months and just be happy to be free from his drama!:)

    • thanks a lot your response is very helpful. It does feel good to be free from the drama and I know I made the right decision but its especially hard. thank you

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  • It was wrong of him to lead you on that way then propose to another woman, anyway I don't know how long it will take you to get over him, but you will, in the meantime you should delete his number, you should also block him on fb as he has done to you, try to forget about him and move on, distract yourself with being with your friends and being active and doing things that you enjoy. It gets easier and eventually you won't miss him anymore.

    • thanks and i hope so.
      i haven't removed his phone # because if he tries to text me or call me i need to know it's him so that I don't answer.

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  • He was your best friend. That's gonna take longer than a heartbreak with a boyfriend. Not to mention you had feelings for him and he shot you down after you felt like he had feelings for you too. Which he so does. No guy is gonna be jealous of other guys being with a girl unless he has feelings for her as well. But I applaud you for doing what you're doing. I know it's hard I've been there done that! Just keep your head up high, who knows maybe his engagement will break off and he'll tell you he actually liked you to and y'all can talk again!

    • Thanks. Honestly I highly doubt they'll break up I'm sure they'll end up married soon. I think he has his weird reasons for staying with her and they've been together practically his entire life.

      It's just so difficult moving on.

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