Is it possible that girl best friends can fall for you overtime, when the look at you as just a friend for now?

I am a guy and I have a best girl friend. She talk about everything and I mean everything. But recently I have falling in love with her. Her response was she only looks at me as a friend and doesn't want to ruin the friendship. I know many of you have given or receive that response from you best friends that you have falling in love with. I am curious now, I try to ignore her but she's the first to text me, as if she is interested in me. But after all she is my best friend so I don't see a reason to ignore me anyway. But I am wondering, is it possible that she may fall for me over time? We do hang out and i try to be romantic, not that I am really trying but I like to take girls out for nice nights of fun and fancy dinners. Just my thing. But aside that, is it possible she may end up falling for me if I continue to stay by her side and support her? Because when the time comes, I would still like to have some feelings for her before I find another girl to spoil.

I did a poll to get an idea of what to expect if she may fall in love with me overtime and she will forever look at me as her best friend.

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  • Absolutely! I am in love with my best friend, but I naturally call him my "best friend" all the time in order to protect myself from getting hurt (I cannot even emphasize on the amount of times I have friend zoned him lol). The thing is, is that when you are best friends, your relationship will only continue to grow... even if its not romantically. This means that her feelings for you can change tomorrow or in two years. The best advice I can give you is to just continue being her friend because you can't force your feelings onto her (this may cause her to repel away). Anyways, i am in the exact same situation as you so I know how it feels (it's heartbreaking). Just keep going and show her why you're the perfect guy for her :)


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  • Yes there is, im actually with my best friend now and we wanna marry each other at some point and I use to just think of him as a friend before :)

  • You so lol i feel your pqinund like me with a good huy friend of mine

  • Anything is possible, but if she is telling your this then i would not put to much stalk in her growing to love you over time, My advice date other women show that you have excepted what she said, and maybe in time she will turn around

    • Seems like a good idea also. If only I was lucky enough to find such a girl. Been single all my life with not relationship experience

  • I am close friends with a guy who I never thought I would like. Soon enought I started falling for him a bit.

    • What about him had cause you to fall for him?

    • Welli just started to realize the chemistry we actually have. We laugh so much at eachother and conversation flows. We never have any awkward silences (I sort of have a fear for them lol.) We also have so much in common and we he actually has a good personality (he is funny and outgoing with me, but shy with other people) I realized he is not that bad looking either, tbh ;)

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  • Most things are possible, but it's a staggering longshot.

    She's not attracted to you enough.

    Over time you are proving again and again how caring and reliable you are. You are already more then enough caring and reliable to date.

    You're interpreting her behavior as interest, because the way women treat friends is not how guys treat platonic friends.

  • You will not get out of the friendzone. Sorry.

    • She never said I was nor did I expect I was. She looks at me as more than a friend but less than a boyfriend, because her recent breakup had caused her to build a wall around her and prevent strangers to get in

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    • good point, but being single all my life, I was able to learn to take risks in life, because you will never know. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

    • Exactly. So if you're fine with knowing you have to take the risk - go for it.