Should I ask this waitress out?

So I have been frequenting this restaurant lately. I have taken notice in one of the waitresses. You can say I am crushing on her. I have not had a crush on a women in a few years. Now, I feel like she may have interest in me as well.


1. She tends to look my way and smile, when I catch her.

2. She brings me food I do not order (A screw up in the kitchen.) for free. (even when she is not serving me)

3. She smiles and looks at me more than anyone else at the table when she speaks.

Reasons why I may be reading these signal incorrectly:

1. When I walk in she hesitates to look me in the eye.

2. She hesitates to say hi, I have to initiate.

3. she's a waitress at work lol she has to be nice?


1. Pay my check and ask her out.

2. Send her flowers at her job, get her wondering who might have sent them, then ask her out on a date.

3. Dont ask her.


1. If i get rejected should I feel uncomfortable to go back to that restaurant?

2. Do you think that will make her uncomfortable?

Please provide me feedback, I do not want to miss out on this risk, because I have don't so to many times in my life.


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  • The title of your question caught my eye, it sounded really romantic! I think if you think she's cute you should definitely ask because you only live once and why give up a good opportunity for the fear of rejection. Tbh i think yeah it is her job but she also sounds a little interested too, I think the flowers would be really cute but would also be alittle awkward if she says no, which i don't think she will atall but i think if you simply ask her after paying the bill will be equally as cute. Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! Go for it and no don't feel awkward or obliged to avoid the restaurant afterwards. good luck


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  • Hmmm... a small amount of flowers would be nice. Nothing too big or overbearing because that might come across as creepy and that there is an expectation attached to it. If I were you I'd deliver them myself and say something nice to her in the process and maybe ask her out for a coffee or a drink. If she says yes, make it a short date... nothing too long. Go there just to deliver the flowers... don't stay, it might make her feel uncomfortable. Good luck!

  • Ask her out when she gives you the check and be like can I get your number. If she does reject you I think it would be awkward going back to the restaurant though


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  • I would assume she likes you yes. You are prime age for getting attention from 20 year olds.

    Pay check, settle tip, then ask if she's seeing anyone and ask for her number.

  • ask her out.

  • I think you should ask her out. What's the worst that can happen? She says no and you never see her again?

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