What's your idea of a perfect date? Go out of town?

Where you going on this date and what would you do?


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  • Prefect date... I can think of lots of scenarios. Picnic in the park under a starry night, gondola ride in Venice, etc

    But the truth is, it doesn't matter what we are doing. As long as it's with the right person, eating bad takeout and watching Netflix at home can be the prefect date


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  • Oh I'm a man of so many ideas that it will take over a lifetime to fulfill them lol. The more I live the more I want to live it out

    For a date well
    1. It could well be on deck of a yacht, dancing to live music, candle light dinner...
    2. Escape into the forests & hills to a wood cabin where things are set up cozily, hunt down dinner for her, cook it for her (hunting maybe at the 2nd date or so, 1st one it will be set up in advance) ...
    3. Be at the beach with a gazebo of transparent cloth set up, swim together, dance...

    Whichever way I love to have a starry sky above us and nature around us :)

  • My perfect date is doing something that is simple and fun where there is chemistry which is met with joy and laughter.

    • Ok where do you go?

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    • That does sound like fun. I like doing a whole range of things, I am not a massive fan of going to watch a film unless it's at an outdoor cinema, where me and the date can sit together on the grass on blankets. But I like doing a whole host of different things, but as long as we are having fun, getting on well and enjoying each others company, then I don't really care what we do.

    • I would agree

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