Girls: Is it ok to date your guy best friend?

I have never had any romantic interest in any of the guy friends that I have, but I have always wondered if it's a good idea or a bad idea to ever consider or think about dating your guy best friend. Any thoughts on that?

I should also mention here: Guys have you ever though about dating any of your girl best friends? Feel free to share your opinion that


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  • Of course it'd be ok to date your guy best friend or your girl best friend because dating is more serious than just chillin with someone or only hanging out. I would assume that before considering dating that person they would have chilled or hung out together. Any person should be open game for dating unless they're in an exclusive relationship with someone else. A person dates someone because they like them and it shouldn't have anything to do with who their friends are unless they have who you would call some very bad friends. Besides you should be nice to everyone so if it happens not to work out nothing will be lost because the only way you'd stop dating that person is because they turned out to incompatible with you. There's no reason to break up on bad terms. So that should have no effect on you and your friend. A situation like this could actually turn out pretty nice. However, the person wanting to date should never have any ulterior motives. . So I say it's not a bad idea if there's a connection between the two in such case I say go for it!


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  • I don't see why not. I always thought that would be ideal.
    If you think of him in that way (he most likely thinks of you that way. I forget where but I saw interviews of guys that said they've all thought about getting with their girl friends. But girls hardly thought of their guy friends that way. Basically girls can be friends with guys but guys can't be friends with girls[because they've thought of them sexually at least once]) then go for it.
    Most people don't want to 'ruin the friendship' but if you end on friendly terms, like you just think its weird, I don't see how that would ruin everything. But if it is ruined, then the friendship must not have been too strong.
    You're basically friends with any boy you date and when it ends you don't want to be friends anymore. It may not seem so bad if you break up, because you just won't want to be together. You'll miss the old ways, but you won't want him back in the present

    • I think dating your guy best friend takes away that awkward "getting to know each other" stage.

    • Yeah exactly. Just think of it as a long 'getting to know you' phase. Knowing the person a little before you actually go out is always better (for me at least. I'm very shy)

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  • i don´t see a problem. if you think he´s hot and you are allready friends, what can go wrong really?

  • absolutely go for it , you don't want to regret n taking the chance.


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