Is it considered cheating on his part if you're just dating but not in a relationship?

So long story short,

I've been dating this guy, we've been talking since 4 months ago but we didn't start hanging out/dating until a month ago.

Basically we've been monogamous; movies, dinner, lunch, beach, walks.. We act like a couple you could say but we are only dating since its too soon to get in a relationship.

We agreed on dating only each other though.

So I spent the night last night, and yes I looked through his phone. I found 2 others girls that he's been texting..

I shouldn't of invaded his privacy I know. But I had my reasons.

I'm 20 years old. Haha, any advice?


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  • I don't know what the texts said and you don't seem overly concerned or upset so I'm thinking it wasn't nothing crazy. If it bothers you your gonna have to come clean about the seeing texts on the phone and snooping which won't go over too well probably. Ask who they are and what they mean to him and have a convo about being exclusive and official.

    • You're right. Don't get me wrong, it did upset me. The texts basically involved him dating these 2 other girls as well. i didn't read all of it but from what I saw, he had just hung out with one of them a couple of nights before.

      I know Im not his girlfriend so I can't say anything about it. But if he's obviously having sex with me and he's dating someone else then thats messed up.. I haven't responded to any of his texts today. I don't know what to say to him. Should i just drop him or confront him?

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    • Since he showing he is a liar I would get rid of him. I was hoping you said this earlier to him when you guys were getting intimate not last night haha. To give him warning that if you went to the next level to drop the side dishes. I would do that for future relationships. But I would drop him.

    • Haha yeah I did tell him that before we had sex. Your advice helped a lot. He's dropped trust me.

      Thank you so much for replying to me though!

  • I date several woman at a time to be honest but I only go with one in relation
    But one thing "is it considered cheating" = yes its cheating don't do it
    Do you know what the texts said?
    Hmm kinda was it :p

    • Haha, well basically the texts said he had "hung out" with another girl a couple of nights before.

    • It could be yust friends :p
      I wouldn't worry about it

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