I think this guy is driving me to a nervous breakdown?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months. Everything has been great up until the last few days. I last saw him on Monday morning after staying over at his place. We kissed goodybye and said have a good day. I didn't speak with him the rest of Monday and Tuesday. Sent him a text Wednesday and asking him if he wanted to join me and some friends for dinner. He said no he was really tired but some other night. We have not spent anytime together since spending this past weekend together and he has not initiated any conversation with me. This is driving me crazy to the point that I eat like one meal a day and not sleep well through the night. My stomach is in knots and I'm a nervous wreck.


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  • Stop worrying about his behavior. You will not change it but you can change yours. You need to understand his true intentions towards you and react accordingly. he honestly got what he wanted and now he is fine until he needs what he got last time again. You need to understand that he is most likely using you, his intentions are not as sincere as yours...

    • We had sex once that weekend so I know he is not just using me for that. We enjoy each others company, we have fun together.

    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds to me that is exactly what happened. Watch, if he is in the 36-45 age range and is semi healthy he will start getting chatty in 3-7 days... It's the sex, he got what he wanted and now is being cordial but not very affectionate.

    • I'm sure you received as much as he did from your interactions, hopefully at least. Accept it for what it is and what is will be. If it's not enough then maybe consider moving on.

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