Weird dating situation, need advice on this guy!?

I am seeing a guy for about 3 weeks now (not in a relationship). We hang out all the time - for example, he invited me to 2 parties with his friends, and he took me out on 2 different private dates. His friends love me and he's even joked about marrying me. Only 2 problems:

1. He NEVER texts me first, but he always responds to me. We could go days without talking if I don't initiate it.
2. We need to have the "where is this going" talk... he already briefly hinted that dating takes time.

Is this guy truly interested? Does it seem like i'm just convenient?


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  • Maybe he just needs time or is a little bit shy. You say he hinted that dating takes time so maybe that's just what's going on. He does really seem to like you from your discription. If you keep hanging out for a few weeks and make him feel comfortable around you, he might start texting you more often.