Would you say a guys upbringing has a much bigger impact on his dating life/sex life than the other way around? Guys have to be raised and brought up?

A certain way if they don't want to end up becoming late bloomers in the world of dating and relationships, what do you think? I feel a girls upbringing, how she is raised by her parents, family, her childhood and early peer social experiences doesn't really have an impact on her dating life since girls don't have to do anything in order to make a relationship happen. Meanwhile guys have to be raised and brought up a certain way if they want to become a "Man", masculine, he has to have a right male role model growing up, even if he grows up with a single mom he could still get lucky by having a good brother or uncle, male cousin to show him. Meanwhile a girl is automatically qualified to get a date or boyfriend from the moment she hits puberty since all a girl needs to be feminine is to have a vagina, and she doesn't have to take any action or make any moves, basically its only guys that need to know how to talk to and connect with girls not the other way around because for the most part guys are already connected with a girl from just looking at her.

any other further comments?


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  • so. not. true. there are so many expectations of women to get a boyfriend/ husband it is ridiculous. Believe it or not girls don't just sit around and wait for a guy to want them. they make moves to. girls go out and get the guy they want, just like guys do.
    also a mans upbringing has nothing to do with his success in relationships. it could influence if say he had an abusive father and then in turn became an abuser himself, but ultimately the choice is up to the man. whether he's had male influence or not doesn't really matter unless the man has it in his head that it does.


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  • The part about your question about girls not having to do anything to get a guy- not true. I'm almost 20 and I've never had a boyfriend. Never even been asked out. Everyone tells me I'm pretty, cute, etc. and I'm a nice girl. But I'm so shy. I never made an effort to get to know guys in high school because I was scared. So no, it's not that easy for us and yes, we do have to put in effort. I do not just get approached all the time because "I have a vagina."


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  • there is some truth to what you say