Shy guy disappeared on me. I'm not sure what is going on. Please help!?

I've been dating this very shy guy for 2 months. We went on 5 alone dates plus multiple hangouts with friends. Things were moving suuuuuuper slow but we were making progress. I felt he was becoming much more comfortable around me. He asked me out first, but after that I was doing 80% of the asking out/initiating. His friends told me that he had never had a gf before, but he'd go on dates from time to time. He apparently was too shy to ever be in a relationship. I knew he was shy going into this, but I thought that if I went slowly and put in the effort, maybe things could work out? Anyway he ALWAYS replies to my texts the same day for two months. Then last Monday we texted. He replied mid afternoon and included a question in his text (as in he's continuing the conversation). Then i replied and asked another question. Then SILENCE. It's been four days and no reply yet. I even sent him another text 2 days after the initial text to say something about how his favorite team had won (just something friendly to see if he would reply), and NOTHING! I don't get it. I never pushed for anything. I was just happy going on slow dates. He seemed so happy too! Any idea what happened? Will I hear back from him again? He's always been the perfect gentleman, so it's ODD that he'd disappear like this. Even if he wanted to end things I'd expect after 2 months of dating that he would have the guts to say something and not disappear.


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  • well maybe he just has a problem with the phone, call him and see if he is ok, Maybe his phone is dead or he just hasn't seen the text messages yet


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