Why can I never have lasting love?

It just seems like I'm never going to find the one. And I do believe in that on fire love.

When will it find me. I can never keep a man engaged for longer than a year or two it seems.

And the times I fell head over heals, I was deceived, and left severely broken hearted.

I just want real, undying, on fire, passionate, love.

Am I wrong for wanting this?


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    you are good person and you deserve love. but you have to understand that to find an undying love takes time and patience. they always say, when you are not looking for something, it always find you, so instead of obsessing over finding Mr. Right, you should just go with the flow. trust me, love always finds a way, so just relax and focus on living your life right now.
    Tokomo :)

    • Thank u so much. Those are such great words of inspiration. I am just so impatient, but I know myself, that I am not ready. I have issues to take care of myself, but I want love so bad. More than anything in this world. Undying love.

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    • Thank u so much

    • no prob

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