Stuck between a rock and the perfect guy (Almost)?

So, I met this guy a little over a year ago online (at meetme if you must know). We have a lot in common, we get a long really well and flirt a lot. The problem is he lives in Ohio :/ . What should i do? I've tried to stop liking him but honestly its a bit hard to do considering he's everything I've ever wanted in a guy.


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  • You got consider how extensive the relationship went online
    (Skype, Cam, Phone calls, Text , Exchange names. addresses)


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  • Well you can either stay friends with him online... or you can make plans to come and visit him and stay for a couple weeks and if he is still someone you want to be with make plans to move in...

  • I live in OH. I'm in the Cleveland area. What part is he in?


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