I snooped and "heard" she has a bf. Do I confront her?

So me and this girl had a thing going on for awhile. She told me she was getting help online for her depression and gave out her number to strangers for support

Me having trust issues, i used an app to text her from a diff number and pretended to be someone else. I asked about her life, and if she has a boyfriend.

she said yes, and they've been together for 2 years. WTF

its funny cause i asked her in the past if she did (when i first met her) and she got all offended and said (why would i be on a dating website if i had one?)

im not sure what to think or do. HELP

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She told this "stranger" (me) her bf never listens to her and she complained about that and told about an example conversation where the bf didn't respond

She told ME on Skype i never listen to her, but i dont remember that convo


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  • I think you're obviously the bf she's talking about and that she just 'said' you've been dating for 2 years as it would make your relationship seem more substantial (as compared to only 2 months)... she wants it to appear she has more vested with you and so why she said you've been together 2 years (understandable). As for the rest of the story, LISTEN to what she's saying (that ya never listen to her, lol). I wouldn't come out and tell her the stranger she's been talking to was you because if she's having issues with you now, finding that out is really gonna sketch her out, lol. If you really like this girl and want things to work out then just take what she said to heart and try being a better bf in the way of "listening: more or whatever else she wants.

    • BTW- this "depression" she has... its not from the little situation that occurred with her friend is it? If not you need to find out what she's so depressed about?

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    • Oh never mind... you answer my question in the first sentence, lol. Well I would ask her why she doesn't talk to you about her depression (or ask if YOU'RE the reason for her depression)?

    • Oh WOW!! Then YES, you need to just come right out and ask her if she's seeing someone else (without admitting you were the stranger she was talking to). If she lies to you... THEN you tell her you were the stranger she was talking to and who's THIS OTHER GUY she was talking about then? Also, ya need to be prepared to walk away and never talk to this girl again. Sorry but you deserve better! Someone that can be honest with you... not so paranoid about her friends flirting with you (or vice-versa) and someone who knows how to be happy (& not so damn depressed)!

  • I think you should confront her because if she is willing to lie to all these random people she is talking to whats stopping her from lying to you? i mean she may be a compulsive liar. i mean all thats going to happen if you don't address it is you are not going to trust her and resentment will start to build and she will continue to hide things from you which creates a toxic relationship where you are living in doubt and she is living a false reality and sadly you will never know the whole truth about. so i believe if you dont want to get hurt emotionally one day you should consider leaving before she does more damage to you then she already has.. i hate to be that person, but i ahd someone do something similar to me and it crushed me and i still have a tough time trusting the male gender. so protect yourself :) thats all :)

    i hope this helps clear up some things and is helpful :)

    • how do i go about asking her?

      i feel like she'll instantly know it was me texting her from a diff # pretending to be someone else, and she'd never trust me again

    • id go about asking her what she talks about when she is talking to these other random people, and see what she has to say, i mean you know what she's telling them and see if what she tells you adds up to what you know she's telling them... that way you can be sure she is/was hiding something form you, then id just confront her and ask her about the guy she has supposedly been dating for two years. this way she gets caught in her own lie and you really dont have to do much except decide if you want to believe her when she denies it or makes up an excuse, the cards are in your hands with this one. but i hope this helps you out a bit

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