Guys what are you thinking when you approach random girls at grocery stores?

I work at a grocery store and this guy comes into my work sometimes. One time he came up to me and hit on me while I was putting away flowers. He said exactly "I hope those flowers are for me" with a large smile and a flirty vibe. I didn't necessarily deny him or anything but I kinda laughed and said no and put them away. I feel like he thinks I did though because he kinda switched gears and left and said "alright well have a great Friday." Or something like that.

He comes into my work sometimes and he's pretty attractive and I'd like to get to know him buttt I don't know how to go about things. I actually see him in a lot of random places like mcdonalds or resteraunts (I take it we live in the same neighborhood)

Is this going nowhere and was it just harmless flirting?
Orrrr is he trying to get to know me and should I try and talk to him if I see him again?

I sound creepy oh god.

You're both giving me great advice so I don't know who to choose for MH
I saw him at his work (unintentional). He works at a resteraunt (let's say this is a Greek rest.). He wasn't my waiter but I did make eye contact with him and he ended up approaching my table and introducing himself to me. I didn't leave my # tho :(


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  • he likes you. but yeah he felt shut down by you. you can tell by his response.

    • I really help I didn't blow it :/ he seems like a cool guy

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    • Yeah smile at him. initiate the conversation next time

    • Okay thanks. I don't see him a lot butttt next time I'll try :)

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  • lmao i work at a supermarket too.

    its flirting, and its not creepy. He'll probably remember you as the flower girl. Next time just ask him where he lives, how are you? lol.

    its not creepy... you like seeing him, thats cool.

    its only creepy if you start stalking

    • Lol ahh cool. I don't want to be a stalker lmao but yeah if I see him and if it feels natural could I say something like "hey didn't you come into my work trying to buy flowers? Yeah haha I'm *name* how are you?"

    • sounds great
      itll all fall into place by itself

      and no you won't be a stalker... takes a special kind of person to degrade themselves to that level

  • Just do one thing.. smile at him everytime you see him.. he will come to you.. don't worry :)

    • I definitely was shy the last couple times I saw him :/ I didn't smile lol I have a feeling he thinks I'm either a. Uninterested or b. Stuck up... But thank you for the advice if I ever see him again I'll do that :)

    • exactly.. don't walk up to him, but at least pave the road for him :) And you're smart enough to catch my point so i think you're smart enough to advance ahead :D Wish you luck!

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