I am in a trouble between love and official work. I think this guy is using me. Pls help.

I have started an affair with a representative who is outsourced to handle our office project. It is 4 days for our relationship. But we had problem in communicating and he promised to come on two dates, both of the dates he missed already and now we are not communicating well. Even we called it is only for official purpose and he is acting as only official representative. I have not done anything to him.
I have called him few minutes ago, He shouted me and cut the line saying he was in a meeting. But I called him to ask the URL and password for accessing the project and it was a official call not my private matter. He did not want to ask the reason and just shouted and kept the phone.
I feel he is a big liar. Anyhow I need to complete the project and get the other detail. But now I feel annoying to call him. As he is thinking that I am calling to him for my private matters.
I feel so upset. As This man already neglecting me after proposing to start an affair and also I am stuck with this project.

I cannot understand. I feel that he wants that I should follow him and get the detail. But I can do it, If there was not any relationship among us. I do not know, whether our affair has broken up or not. He did not convey it to me. He told me yesterday that he wanted to talk with me and call me later. But he did not call. I do not want to follow a man who keep me granted for his love. But need to get the official detail soonest possible and want to end every communication with him.

Pls guys and girls advise me pls.

Did everything. Sent official mails.. But now his phone has switched off. Finally I complained to boss today. He asked me to send someone to his office now. I will hope for the best. But I did not understand, why people behaving like this


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  • 1. BAD news when you liaise with a colleague directly working with you, over you or under you even a few levels or worse a vendor
    2. WORSE news when you are in the employing organization and you are the woman
    3. Since it's just 4 days and I hope there's no proof except maybe phone calls that can be passed off as official calls
    4. Since his highness decides to act like a 'man' and you are the primary organization, please shoot off a mail citing that you are trying to get in touch for the project and you are evoking no response. THAT will bring him back to his place
    5. Forget the relationship stuff and please become the primary organization and he's the vendor PERIOD!
    6. You decide if you want to think with your head or heart. I recommend the former :)


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  • You should never have started an affair in the first place.

    But I do agree with autumnrosee, treat him like nothing personal ever happened between you two - say to yourself, nothing has happened between us. And it professional, if he is a problem professionally then handle it like so, in the same manner you would with anybody else.


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  • Maybe try sending him an EMAIL, so he knows it's professional saying something along the lines of, "Hello. I really need to get the URL address and the rest of the information regarding this project. You're in charge and it won't be finished without your help. I'm just trying to do my job so please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you." And completely treat him like nothing personal ever happened between you two. Then move on to a different guy (: