My crush might/probably likes me, but talks to a lot of his girl friends?

He keeps talking to girls I don't know and some of my friends, but I really think he likes me because when we talk he always leans in on me. And when I hand him things, it always feels like he "overgrabs" it simply to touch my hand. He smiles a lot around me too. Do you think he likes me? If so, should I make some sort of move?

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  • Make a move, don't worry about him talks to lots girl rihgt now - he isn't committed to you, why should he not keeps it options opened.

    If you start dating, then eventually it might become a problem if he contentious, but at this point you really can expect him not to.


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  • okay sweetheart, dont mean to make this my own thing here, but im adding a third option
    C--- give a little time

    You should give this some time, because what you may find flirty, whether its you or another girl, might just bne his flirtatious personality. Also, im in highschool, so im a highschool guy, and know a thing or two about highschool guys. And just because he has highschool friends, let me resay that lol Just Because He Has Friends That are Girls, and talks to them, even a lot, doesn't mean he likes them. I have a lot of friends, girls and guys, and one thing i absolutely hate is when a girlfriend gets even remotely jealous over my friends that are girls. You seem really nice and i like that, but just make sure that you NEVER get too jealous of him having friends that are girls, its not his fault he is a social person. butt i have a question for you... By talking to your friends, does he text them? Does he Talk to them? Does he "lean" on them?

    • He texts them. He's visiting town for a while and so that's the only way he can talk with some of his other friends back at his home. That's not my problem though :/ it's that in the short time he's been he here, he's started to text some of my friends too. I don't know what to think...

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  • From just these things alone, you definitely can't tell if a guy likes you. It is more likely that he is a player and flirts with many girls. There's a guy at my school who knows I like someone else yet he keeps touching my hands, raising his eyebrows and everything to me. I know he flirts and associates with others girls. He is a player.

    Give more information for me to determine if he likes you.

    • He found out I was ticklish, and now he tickles me a lot... My friends took my iPod and he played along. He basically took me in his arms and held my waist for a while, while laying beside me. He also walks super close to me when we talk and walk. He'll bump me playfully and tease me a lot too. He made a point to tell me I was pretty too even after telling him to knock it off. So idk... He's leaving in a few days, it might not even be worth it, but anything to make an interesting story I love so maybe...

    • Could like you, or just likes the reactions he gets from you. I had another guy grabbing my waist and claiming he would never let go and being silly like that. He was being playful and flirty, yet he only has ever seen me as a friend. So it depends on the guy. If he only acts this way to you and never goes cold on you, he probably does like you. Consistency is key.

    • alright thanks a ton :)