Thinking of asking my best friend (guy) to the movies?

Ok if you have read my previous question about me liking my best friend and him knowing, you will understand more..

here is the question read it then answer this please!

Ok so I have asked him out before and his answer was, "Only if you pay'

and I meant it like would you be my boyfriend, no like go out somewhere

But I want to take him to the movies, so should I ask him to go with me? and what kind of movie should we see if we go together?

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  • If you want to go him to the movies, i think you have to keep in mind that he sees you as a very good friend, maybe he doesn't want to 'destroy' your friendship having a relationship that can be so easily 'broken' (I mean, friends are forverer, love relationships aren't, at least that's my point of view)

    You could go to watch a comedy, but NOTHING ROMANTIC. Maybe if you both enjoy horror films would be an option, but not in case that you choose the genre so as to have physical contact with him.

    If you really fancy him and he doesn't feel the same about you (changes the subject), maybe it would be fine to have a time for yourself not talking to him, explaining to him why you decide not to talk to him


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  • In a similar position myself..
    as someone else said, the only thing holding me back is im worried that if for some reason it doesn't work out we won't be friends anymore, the reason i say that is because e. g. you may break up yes but what if its a bad breakup? In my opinion a bad breakup can maybe have reprocussions on your friendship? Its a tough one because you never know if you dont try


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