Help. I like my ex girlfriends friend?

okay i use to go out with this girl that was cute and great and all, nothing wrong with her, but we just didn't work out.. anyways, so before i went out with "Marsha" i met this other girl "Agnes".. just bear with me on the names.. and "agnes" was hillarious, funny, and not a bad girl, but she has fun, she follows the rules but yet manages to be a clean, party animal!. but i only talked to her a few times and we werent like "talking talking", so i moved on, no harm done
Then i went out with one of her best friends, "Marsha" there's like six of them lol).. like i said tho, no harm done cause it wasn't even talking talking to "agnes" or anything like that!
After me and Marsha broke up, (only two months, we never even kissed) (She was strong in her faith, i really wanted to respect her boundries).. i talked to agnes for a little bit cause we were in line at the movies ironically at the same time and it reminded me of the time we talked before, and how even tho we were just aqcuantances/friends she made me laugh so hard and was amazing... Anyways i think i like her.
This girl is really something else! i adore the adventure in her eyes and her accent! holy cow! she has a weird accent that doesn't really come in but in some sounds. Like instead of window, she says weendow. She actually gets made fun of for it, even by her friends. But in aaallllll honesty, it KILLS me because of how cute it is!!! Everytime she says certian words i just wanna give her a hug because she's just so stinking adorable! As for looks, she's tall, blonde, tan, crooked teeth (not in a weird way, kind of cute lol!).
I know some of her bestfriends have "passed along" (for lack of a better phrase) boyfriends, so its not unusual in the group... but i dont wanna be just one of those guys that tries everygirl in every friend group... but at the same time is it my fault that someone i potentially love is in correlation to my ex? no! So would it be weird if i went for her? she's never had a boyfriend.

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I am also in highschool, so any of this could stirr up massive drama... I wouldn't want to put her and myself in a sticky drama situation.


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