This girl like me I need advice?

Ok so here's the thing i have a girlfriend. she's nice we been together for almost 3 months. But they're is also this other girl that has liked me since 4 years ago but i never payed attention to her till this year , & now she won't talk to me cause she knows about my gf. I know if i break up with my gf she'll talk to me again but I don't know what to do now :(


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  • Dump the girlfriend. It's pretty obvious that if you really liked her, you wouldn't imagine how breaking up with her would be.


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  • When people ask questions like this it makes me facepalm.

    • When people answer stupid comments like this it makes me facepalm as well so i feel you.

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    • In a sick relationship? Make sure you're perfect honey

    • Well, you didn't tell us that. If it's like that then sure go ahead, end it.

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