Ways to show him you really do care?

My boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship and at the moment we are going through a bit of a rough patch, he feels like i'm not putting much effort into our relationship i feel like i am and he just doesn't see it. I know he is going through a rough time at the moment because his job is getting tough because his boss is an ass and his grandpa is also in hospital in Ireland so he can't see him (possibly on his death bed). I know that all he wants right now is for me to physically be there for him but it is just not possible at the moment no matter how much i wish i could be my parents won't allow it.

I have no idea what to do to show him how much i really care and that i am putting effort into us, I am working on a gift which is taking me a while to get things together for it. He knows about the gift but doesn't know what it is.

I'm never really good with words and finding the right things to say, when we get into our little arguments when he says that i dont put much effort in to our relationship i tell him all the things i am doing, and i do ask him what else i could do, the things i do are basically stay away from things that have caused issues in the past, like i am a ex self harmer and he knows lately i have been feeling like im going back but i told him that i never would because its not worth losing him over. I think thats a pretty big effort for me.

Does anyone else know what i could do to show more effort and show him i really do care...


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  • Show him you're not cutting. Skype or facetime when you can.

    • I think he knows i'm not otherwise he would have broken up with me

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