What to do with the emotionally unavaliable man?

So my guy friend broke up with his first love over about 2 years ago as she cheated on him, it hit him real hard. He then started sleeping with woman then ignoring them typical behaviour after a break up.

Now last year things with us progress we start talking and having fun shall we and I'm the only girl he's been with this long since his breakup, going as far to say we are in a open relationship. I don't want to push him or rush him into anything I still know he's getting over it.

But this week something seemed up with him, and looking on Twitter confirmed why he for some reason has back-pedalled and is fawning over his ex again who is in a relationship I must add. I don't know if something has set him off or it's there anniversary or what.

I'm giving him some space for now he hasn't specifically told me but I feel it's best I let him figure this out. What should I do? Is this just a temporary glitch? Do I just give him space and wait till he comes to me? Or do I leave? Or do I try and help him realise what a mistake she is? He always goes on about how he hates cheaters?

What do I do with an emotionally unavaliable man? I really do like him a lot!


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  • It's Obvious, for it is very natural, that he Isn't over his Ex, and anyone Now would just be his "Rebound Rebecca,' you could say. Including you. This is Why he didn't want any relationship, just 'Open,' as you have admitted. It's good you just let it Be like this with the fun in the sun song.
    Yes, let him go for now. He needs this. He has to deal with this on his own, and any input from You or Just Anyone may 'Set him off' at this point. He has to learn she has moved on and has another now. He must learn to do the same.
    It's your choice, your call if you want to 'leave,' as you ask. He isn't Over her, for some reason even now, he hasn't found closure, so he isn't ready Now for anything heavy with anyone. His 'Twitter' Tweety bird has chirped to you.
    Wait a bit and see if he hits you up. If not and you Are curious and concerned, just send a message of "How's it going?" to him. See if he responds. If he does, then go on from there.
    However, if you' like him a lot,' just be there for him as a friend to start. I always tell everyone here that the best way to begin their beguine in Any relationship is to start off as friends. This needs to be nurtured and nursed in order for the seeds to be sowed and hopefully Down the road----Be reaped by what someone wishes could Be bloomed.
    If he puts you on his pay no mind list and Doesn't push a button on your end, consider him 'No friend' even, just a fair weather friend who belongs in his own lost world.
    Good luck. xx


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  • There's not a lot you can do, he's clearly not over his ex and still has strong feelings for her, so all you can do is be patient with him and be there to support him through a difficult period.

    • How would you say I do that?

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    • It's just that he knows the guy and I would rather him hear it from me then someone else. And thanks it really helps!!

    • If you think it will benefit you by telling him, then let him know. If he's so wrapped up in his ex, then he probably won't give it much of a thought and you are welcome.

  • Accept him or move on. it's not your place to change a single thing about him. how would you like to be given an ultimatum about having to change or no one would like you? stop being a hipocrit and do the right thing.

  • put him in a museum


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