How do I make it clear I want it to be a date, not hanging out?

There's a woman from my last job I kind of like. I left there about 2.5 months ago. Due to customers/coworkers always being around I never straight asked her out, even when I came in after quitting. I did say "we should hang out" and she agreed but didn't get in touch like she said. I let it go. Second time I came in she apologized (I didn't mention it) and said we should. I got her number and called her the other day. I left a voicemail and said "Hi ____ it's ____, hows it going. Just calling to see if you're free next week to go out. Give me a call". She texted me the next night, and we're aiming for Wednesday but I want to take her on a date. How do I clarify this?

I called again yesterday, and left another voicemail. This one said "Hi, just calling back so we can figure out what we're doing. Do you like Italian? If so there's place XYZ nearby. I could take you there (my hint at date). Haven't heard back.


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  • You could slip the word date into it. If you haven't nailed down a place, or you're willing to change it, or ask something specific about the night- time etc
    Say something like
    "I was thinking we could go to 'blah blah restaurant' on our date"
    "What time should I pick you up for our date"
    Or if everything is planned you could be honest and say
    "I'm excited for our date on Wednesday :)"
    She would like that too

    • Without saying Date before? Hmmm leaves me nervous lol

    • Make your intentions known, be an adult. If she's not into it it's better to know now before you spend money and time on her

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  • Be honest from the beginning. Started your intentions for the night. Personally honesty is a turn on

    • So should I text or call her? I don't know what to do

    • call her or do it in person. but make sure she knows how you feel, because if you don't let her know you are going to regret it. trust me

  • Ask " So what do you have in mid for our date on Wednesday ;)"

    • Meant to say " mind" not mid

  • Personally I like a guy straight to the point

  • pay for her and send her home then text her you have a great time and set up a second date which should not be more than 1 month later.

    the guy whom i like texted me that he felt awkward. i think this meant that he did not like me as we are not suitable for each other, so even if you felt awkward, don't let her know if you really like her or she would think like me.


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