How can loser guys get to widen their social circle of female peers if we are socially retarded to begin with?

I am a loser asking this question and hopefully there will useful tips provided to help me and those who are in a similar plight as me.


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  • Put an end to your cowardice and embrace that which you fear the most. Only then will you have the ability to be the man you've always wanted to be and live the life you've always dreamed of living.

    That's what this is about... cowardice... not social skills.


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  • First of all, be confident! Quit calling yourself a loser because that's kind of degrading. I'm sure you're a great guy (: Wear your best outfit, go out and if you see a girl you're attracted to walk up to her and say "Hey you're really beautiful and I'd love to talk to you sometime" and if she does shoot you down then that's the end of that. It's very doubtful that you'll see that girl again. You have to feel good about yourself before another girl will (:

  • Find "socially retarded" girls. For example, join a robotics team. I'm friends with all the guys on my team and seem to be their only female friend other than the one other girl on the team.

    • I am no longer in school, any ideas where I can meet socially retarded girls then?

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    • Doesn't matter. From where I come from, the girls are snobbish and only talks to guys they choose or deem worthy. I doubt you can offer a constructive piece of advice since you do not understand the culture in my country. But thanks for trying to help. (:

    • Well it's like that here too (I'm assuming from your comment that you don't live in the United States). You have to find nice girls. The problem is that some girls are spoiled bitches who only want the best. Nerds and geeks like myself understand that everybody wants a friend. You just have to look for nice people.

  • 1) stop calling yourself socially retarded
    2) stop calling yourself a loser
    3) be confident with being yourself
    4) make conversation and act interested in what others have to say


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  • Talk to them and say hi and converse.

    • Well, from my experience, if they don't know you, they think you're being creepy and desperate.

    • Have something in common that you can talk about as a subject.

  • Work your way up.