How often do you see someone when you are trying to get to know them?

I started seeing this guy on May 4th and he says he likes me and wants to get to know me. We only see each other on weekends and only for a few hours though. When we first went out he started texting me as soon as I left him. The next day he asked me out for Saturday and before then he asked me out for Thursday. Now it seems like he doesn't make plans for us. We waited over 3 weeks before sex and even after that we've went out a few times and didn't have sex so I know it isn't just about sex with him. I'm so confused. Any advice?


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  • Have you tried contacting him yourself or are you waiting for him to contact you?

    • It goes both ways some times he will text me or I will text him. I decided last night I will not reach out to him today and if he does contact me I'm busy all weekend.