How would I ask a girl to homecoming? And some ideas to ask her too?

So there is this girl at my school that is in varsity soccer and lacrosse and is also a tomboy. What are some ways to ask her to romantic way to go to homecoming? One of my ideas was that i was going to get a box of her favorite candy, write a poem or something along the lines of that, and put it in the box along with the candy. If you could give me your opinion of that idea or any other ideas to ask her to homecoming that would be great :)


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  • Have you been on a date with her, yet?

    • yes I have

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    • I forgot to add that she is shy... hopefully this will be a discrete way of asking her to homecoming, probably just her and a couple of her friends finding out

    • Definitely do it one-on-one, then, and don't make a big scene.

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  • Please serenade her. Get a few friends to do backup singing and one to play guitar and then sing a bruno mars song. If you're a shitty singer, it makes it even better (i find guys who are bad singers to be adorable). When the songs over bring out flowers and chocolates or big letters that spell out: HOMECOMING?

    Or, you could always send her on a cute little scavenger hunt

    Good luck!!! :)

    • she is very shy so i dont think she wants the attention of the entire school

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    • one of her friends knows i am going to ask her so i could also tell her to follow along with her during the scavenger hunt...(too many hers)

    • Yeah, you could get her friend in on it so it won't be too obvious

  • That aounds lovely.
    Oooh and decorate it so it will be soccer themed :)
    I would love that!!!

    • thanks for the advice :D i will most likely incorporate the soccer theme and maybe a lacrosse theme as well...

    • That would be AWESOME!!

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