How do I know if I really like this guy? And if I do, then is he playing around with me?

Well, this guy used to be in my Spanish class and we didn't know each other well in the beginning. And after we knew each other well,... well... we argued lots and lots every day! No offense, but he's kinda a jerk because he always demands paper and answers from me and this and that. Most of the time to get him to shut up, I give in, but not so easily by again getting into verbal arguments. My classmates would get mad that we argue and we argued loud. Everyone, including the teacher, just ignored it and we kept arguing until that school year ended. However there were points at time where I would ignore him for days because sometimes I felt I shouldn't talk to him since my friend likes him. And even then, he would try to get me to talk to him by again arguing.

So eventually school ended, and up came a new school year. I literally never talked to him throughout the new school year since we aren't exactly friends or in the same classes. But the problem really is... that my friends and I hang out around where his locker is. My eyes would constantly search for when he comes around or goes to his locker, and if I see him, I turn and pretend he doesn't exist or leave. And in the mornings, when I walk around campus because I wanted to talk with my best friend in the morning if I bump into him I literally turn around and walk another direction. My best friend even says that he actually saw me do that (like it is not obvious, duh) and smiled. Once in the morning, he semi-stalked me even though he was heading in a different direction. I'm confused cause I kind of like his attention... a little bit and I never dated so maybe that's why. I think I might like him, but at the same time I don't want to see him. And to make matters worse, a different friend of mine also likes him. I feel horrible and bad since I now don't want to like him, but I want to make sure in case so I can forget him the next year and start anew. Please help!


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  • 📝So, you fight at school huh? This is a tough problem to solve. My view point? Find a better guy. He sounds like a (sorry) real b*stard. Please, for your own sake. There are so many fish in the sea, not just sharks stalking the more helpless fish. Hope I helped!

    • Thanks and even though what you said could be true... I think its a little harder then it seems... Why? I guess because it happened before.

    • Well someone I (eh-hem) know had a child with a BF who was a drunk. Basically same problem as once you are with him you cannot back out, as they will make exsuses.

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