Girls, how true is this movie scene in terms of dating?


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  • Lol. Yeah, better to dance like Will than Albert... it's better to be subtle. Most girls are better dancers than guys anyways, way easier to dance up on a guy who isn't flailing about.

    Having a plan is nice... but she felt manipulated. Like he had overdone it and had approached her like a mission to accomplish... that doesn't feel too good.

    PS. If you want to be part of the 2% that dances better than girls... dance like Chris Brown. Insane woman-beater he may be... but he is fucking amazing on his feet.

    • You girls have it EASY, lol. All you have to do is act sexual, and you're good. That might sound like "sexual objectification", but its so true.

      According to some girls at my past junior prom, I'm pretty damn good :). but not Chris Brown good :(

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    • True. Flash Dancer FTW

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