Is her new relationship still a rebound?

Me and my girl split after almost 5 years. Some ups and downs and off and on but we clearly loved each other.
We were good but she wanted to be home (3 hours away). She ended up having a "breakdown" when she got home. She also almost immediately started dating an old boyfriend from highschool. He's younger and apparently rather clingy. We stayed in touch because of what she was dealing with. I couldn't bail on her even though maybe I should. There was clearly feelings on both our ends. We both expressed regret at how things happened and her not coming to visit to possibly work things out like me moving back there. He dumped her she wasn't putting much into it. We briefly reconciled but after almost a month she was talking about how she has nothing to offer and doesn't want to be with anyone. I backed off. Not a week or so later she's back with him. I couldn't get a straight answer about us being done for good..."it just happened has nothing to do with you" "I don't want to live with or be married to anyone" "I'm a girl I have no clue what I want". She would still call or text here and there and clearly cared but I couldn't handle it. That all stopped because not even realizing i was pushing her away. I apologized for any of my behavior even though I think anybody in that situation wouldn't have done different. They've been back together 4 months. I'm trying to take care of me for me and move on. If something happened again I want it to be better and different. Is her new relationship still a rebound?


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  • This girl doesn't know what she wants. She clearly is co dependent. This is really a time when she needs to not be in a relationship with you or him. It's too bad none of y'all realize this. These quotes say it all :"it just happened has nothing to do with you" "I don't want to live with or be married to anyone" "I'm a girl I have no clue what I want". She really means these things but she is allowing herself to get sucked into an unwanted relationship (with this other guy) . What is happening to her happened to me. I said almost these same things ( and meant them) but some how ended up int he most toxic relationship ever...

    • Yer xactly right. Why I kinda stopped fighting it. She has a problem being alone. When we reconciled we were gonna take it slow... it was more about not giving up on everything. I understood her problems and was willing to be patient. I know it's for the best. I didn't understand it at first and was naturally taken a back that she went back to him

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  • Yes because she doesn't know what she wants. She's still somewhat clinging on to you, but wants to be with this "new and exciting" guy. It happens, relationships grow sour and old and one person or both get bored. It's a natural cycle. Don't go back to her. It's imperative you get over her and move on. She is no good and if she doesn't know what she wants it's not fair for you to be stuck in the middle.

    • Thx. I guess I felt guilty about my own mistakes so I stuck around. And I love her. I had tried to mend it before she left which is why we were great... just didn't get enough time. Unfortunately she knows how I feel. I'm hoping disappearing from the face of the earth will change things. Then by her actions if they happen I can figure out what to do.

    • No contact often works, but you have to stick to it. Block her on all social networks and it will help you. First of all because you can't get into the habit of creeping on her page, and secondly because she can't know what you're doing. Go get laid, you'll feel better.

    • Done all that. Sticking to the no contact thing for real this time. And yea... I'll handle that other too haha.

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