I feel crazy, cause I think he likes my friend too?

I've liked this guy for a long time, we would flirt etc.. I think he likes me back but I also thinks he likes my friend, with physically would be more his type.. I guess she'll be more accepted by his friends and etc.. but he spends more time with me it seems like... me and the girl is cool, but we are not like besties... and there's no animosity. . I think he doesn't even know I know he got a thing for her. . I'm thinking I should back off... but it's so hard cause I'm attracted to him and I sense our friendship is more then a friendship. .. but I'm kind of taken back at the fact he's considering her more so than me. I wanna ask him straight up, but I feel ilk be outta line.. I just don't wanna feel the jealousy part of what might come from him choosing her over me... he not a jerk or leading me on. I guess you can't hell your feelings. . But I don't wanna get to attached or get my hopes up if she's better suited for his personal reasons, what to do. Should I let this theory of one day down the road he and I can be more than friends and hang in there, or gracefully bow out, cause if he really liked me it would of been no her in the first place. . I just don't wanna deal with this, what's the best way to go... cause if he choose her and it don't work out, I don't wanna be a second choice. .. but if he choose her and it does... who am I to stand in the way of love... like I said I know he likes me , but maybe not enough to date me :(


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  • Listen dear

    i got what u said
    but i want to u to ask jim directly
    as ur friendship is more than that
    then go somewhere
    u can talk with peace
    say him what u feel for him
    it is not matter of shame
    any heart have right to like or love someone
    ask him politely and say if he does not like as that person
    then ur friendship will go on

    but remember the more time u will loose
    the more fall for him u will
    and less chances to get him u will have

    so better talk clearly
    Ready for any answer
    he may be confused thus he will be able to select one

    • Ok wow I do t know how the hell I understood what you just said... But, I did I think and thank you for your advice. I think the next time I get a moment alone and hopefully the time is right I might hake the opportunity. Maybe. I still have a lot to think about, I would hate to put myself in a position where down the line he ends up cheating with her or worst.. So I really don't believe I should alter his decision I wouldn't wanna be some pity case, or hear he's unsure, or choose her secretly behind my back, he doesn't really know I know his feelings for her, by mention that I do know... Who knows he might feel away and not want to hurt my feelings, when actually he really likes her... I honestly think my best choice here is to stay out of it cause if he liked me he would be with me. It wouldn't be a hard decision. I think I'm just in denial here. I think I know who he will date, I just have to brace my emotions whenever it comes out, sure he likes me. But he never like me enough!

    • Thank u so much
      u rewarded my opinions as mho

      i wanna say that u have got evrything
      but try to do this soon
      because if u will take more time
      then he may fall for someone else
      and worse than that u may start loving him

      and then u will not be able to forget her if he will reject
      and suffer for whole life
      so don't waste too much time

      best of luck dear
      Hope at least u have someone u liked
      everyone can not have that type of good luck
      so will have to stay alone and in suffering situation

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