How to stop second guessing stuff?

This guy who I've been talking to for a month and some change now.. I always doubt that he likes me on days where we aren't as talkative. We've gone out on dates, have great conversation 90% of the time, he's expressed that he likes me and likes talking to me, he thinks I'm super chill, he likes what he sees so far in me so far, we've kissed and have a good time together. However, days where our conversations are just "ok" in my opinion I start to question if he really likes me or if he's getting tired of me. On those days he doesn't seem into our conversations and doesn't seem like he has much to say. He always responds of course but I begin to think he's probably bored of talking. How can I be confident that he does like me regardless of how the conversation is going?


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  • Some time people run out of things to say especially guys so don't worry about it too much ;)


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