This may sound cliche but does one of my best friends like me? And should I date her?

Alright so there's this girl that I've been close friends with ever since Kindergarten and I've always loved talking to her and being with her because of her crazy personality. But last August or so she's been acting kinda lovey dovey around me. For example whenever we would finish texting at night she'd say something "Good Night bro, Love Ya" and she seems to be snapchating me a lot more often too. Mostly just silly selfies, but me being a guy I don't know if she's into me or not. And if she is should I date her? like I said she's pretty much been one of my earliest friends and one of the best for 10+ years, but what if I dated her and we broke up? I don't want that friendship to go down the drain, and I don't want to hurt her.. I don't know anymore.. any women out there that want to help me?


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  • DO IT DUDE!!! Most girls would be shocked at first if they don't but will get used to the idea. if I wouldn't work you both would know right away and talk about it and either fix the problem and keep dating or break up and be friends. I dated a really good friend of mine and we broke up and we are closer then before we dated. I say go for it.

    • Thanks! If you don't mind I'd like to ask for some more advice, should I wait until I see her in-person or just ask her over texting (calling wouldn't be an option because her phone is gone and she is using an ipod) because we mainly see each other at high school over the summer we don't have a lot of face to face contact.

    • I would wait till you have regular face to face contact

  • I would be totally honest with her about it, especially if you have feelings for her. If she doesn't feel that way then just talk it out, a good friend won't leave over one misunderstanding :) Also, definitely do this in person. It's way more sweet and romantic that way.


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