How to let a guy know I want to go out with him without asking him out?

there's this guy I like - we're both really shy and go to cooking school together but now that it's summer were not seeing each other at all - but we've been messaging each other a bit back and forth and it's pretty clear we like each other but we haven't said it outright... I really want to hang out with him (he doesn't have his license tho - i can drive but don't have a car)... any advice or suggestions?


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  • If you really want to go out just let him know that you miss seeing him and that you want to hang out sometime. if he is really into you i think he will get the hint and probably ask you out. If not then i don't think there is anything wrong with you asking him out. As far as transportation goes, how does he get to school? Maybe you could borrow someone else's car and either drive to him at his house or have him find his usual way to school and you meet him there; which would be great because you could park the car and go out to some place within walking distance since i know there are usually lots of good places to hang out at around schools

    • so far it's been me initiating all the conversations with the guy... but in those conversations he compliments me and uses lots of smiley faces.. We were messaging each other and I said I had to go but the added ps we shluld hang out sometime?:) and he said yea we should :) I'll ttyl
      now I'm wondering what to do next? (this was two days ago)

    • he seems to be really shy but I don't want to assume too much be cuz maybe he's not the interested if he hasn't messaged me first once.. actually the first time we messaged each other it was him first

    • but that was 8 give or take conversations ago like two months ago

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  • do you have mutual friends? you can tell them to tell him, that he should ask you out. if not, there is no way. pull yourself together and just ask him. how far do you live apart? is public transportation a possibility or car sharing?

  • As a test, mention that you've been wanting to go see a movie. One that you've really been wanting to see and that you know people have been raving about. This may or may not peek his interest and may or may not ask you to it. Now, of course, I don't suggest going to a movie on a first date but, this is just a test to see what he'd do. If he doesn't ask you (he's either scared, or doesn't like you). If he does, and you don't really want to go see a movie for your first date, just mention something like, it got sold out or something like that... but that you'd like to do something else still. If he recommends you do something else, you're in


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