I want him to b the one... Or am I the fool?

I had told this guy that I like from high school. He already has a child which its normal but yet how do I fit in. I do like him really much. He's the type of the guy I would I want to be with but yet I don't trust cause he says so much. He already says that I'm his girl when I need him to make moves to be like I'm the one. He says so much so yet I'm confused. I want him to be yet I'm scared. We both be busy. I see an future but I'm sacred you tell me. Am I wrong or what?


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  • Sorry to say dear
    but u r wrong
    and fool don't wanna hurt u

    but he has children
    and if he want from geart that u both become one
    then u were supposed to be with till now

    so forget him
    find the other men
    may be someone like u or nay love u the most
    but he is quite as he knows that u lik this one

    there r many
    u will find the better one
    forget this like ur past
    and don't trust on his talk which is fake


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