Dating sites full of weirdos and complete idiots?

I've not logged on in months and so profile won't come up in top searches few days ago got messages with nothing but abuse from a guy or thought it was a guy.. so just went yeah ok no bother... then he asks for my phone number went no.. so he gives me his so tapped it into whatsApp to find out who it was turns out it was a female and she was askin if I met her boyfriend lol... then told me I and everyone else on it was sad... so I replied not as sad as ur boyfriend whose got a gf and got a profile on here giving strangers abuse... then she called me a retard I then replied coming from someone who doesn't look shy of a KFC Nd giving people abuse for no reason thinking they've hooked up with ur boyfriend ya paranoid wreck you've a cheek to call anyone a retard

She deleted the profile lol

my profile specifically says chat only as found dating online to mental and fulla creeps.. so got thinking if I hadn't logged in months my profile will not come up as popular searches like the rest it's someone I know... so emailed ex ranting becos got feeling it's something to do with him... just a coincidence she did look familiar...

why be like that?

The messages are as follow
Hi x ( didn't reply as hadn't logged on 21st April)
Midden (same as above that was sent 20th may)
Ok then (me sent 2weeks ago)
Ok what? (Him sent last week)

Just went on from there asked to be left alone


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  • Some see these venues as fishing holes (you are the fish)
    for VARIOUS reasons/goals


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  • Cause all the good guys have gone MGTOW. (google it)

  • Some people have nothing better to do. Why waste your time on that dating site? Try another one or try meeting guys another way :)


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